12 dec. 2011

Oh Yeeeaaaah!

The ball is rolling! Fuck Yes! I finally have some money, it's my namesday, tomorrow is Lucia, and I'm actually using my god damn blog! Whoop-dee-doo! Here's some fanart to celebrate!


9 dec. 2011

90s kids who doesn't like ghosts and a bloody loli

I felt bad for not posting anything here so I forced myself to draw something last night. Title says it all really. It's surprisingly satisfying to draw something innocent and cute covered in blood.

1 dec. 2011

So I started this blog thing...

All the cool kids were doing it so I figured it was about time. Planned to be posting pictures here. Mostly doodles and pixel art. Hopefully I'll be more active here than I am on Deviantart atm, but only time will tell.